Painters Get Back More Than They Give

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Part of our goal to be the best painters near you is creating a team that moves us all, company and clients alike, toward greatness. Part of our mission statement says, “ We hire good people to join our painting family; and through our mentoring and training programs, we help them to become great craftsmen. ” We mean that. Part of being a great craftsman is “heart.” And at HD Painting and Stain, the members of our team demonstrate that “heart” in their everyday interactions with clients, and, especially, when called upon to donate their time and skills for a greater good.

We believe we have some of the best painters near the St Louis Metro and Belleville, IL area working for us because we see it in their everyday actions. Our clients consistently tell us how pleased they are with the friendliness and the work ethic of our team. We see it daily with their positive attitudes toward getting the job done right. And when we ask them to go above-and-beyond, as we did recently, they eagerly accepted the challenge.

Redemption Community Church needed a little hands-on help. The building needed a little sprucing-up to welcome the congregation. The walls needed patching and painting. As we all know, churches are generally on a limited budget, with every dollar needed for something important somewhere. And that’s when our painters rose to the challenge!

With Shannon leading the team, the painters at HD Painting and Stain donated their time and effort to meeting the need of the church. As proper wall preparation is crucial to a successful painting job, this became a great opportunity for on-the-job training for the painters. They spent the week working hard taping and mudding the walls of the church in preparation for future painting.

And the real moral to this story? When you give, you get back more! While HD Painting and Stain reached out to meet the need of Redemption Church, they received an invaluable opportunity to hone their professional skills. And they had a lot of fun doing it!

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