Cabinet Refinishing is Your Solution

Isn’t This Kitchen Gorgeous?!

Cabinet refinishing is the perfect solution to restoring beauty and excitement to your kitchen or bath! Refinishing outdated or damaged cabinetry brings new life to your rooms. Cabinet refinishing also maintains your investment in your home. Cabinet refinishing updates and brings new life into your kitchen and bath without the high cost of time, money and stress.

Replacing your existing cabinetry can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. Remember, replacing cabinetry means the old is torn-out, and the new is completely rehung. Now you’re considering a major remodeling project! This is a considerable investment in time and money. And you’re left without a working kitchen or bath for an undetermined amount of time.

With cabinet refinishing, you have your rooms back in a fraction of the time. The cabinet boxes stay in place and are repainted on the walls. The doors and drawer fronts are removed to the shop to be refinished to your specifications. The new finish is cured. Hardware reinstalled. Everything rehung with new stops installed. And your refreshed rooms are ready for you!

Refinishing cabinets allows you to be in control! You can repaint or stain the cabinets to their original beauty. Or choose a new color to coordinate with new countertops and backsplashes! You can reinstall the original hardware or replace that with something totally new and different! Maybe the cabinets just need their glossy shine restored to be perfect. Or maybe you want to reface them for a whole new look. By choosing to refinish your existing cabinets, it’s your vision come to life.

Do you love your kitchen’s layout and want to freshen or update its look without a major remodeling project? Do you want to bring a change to your bath, but moving fixtures is not an option? Cabinet refinishing is for you!  Cabinet refinishing is your go-to solution for restoring beauty and satisfaction to your home.

Refinishing your cabinets runs the gamut. That’s from whole new doors or fronts to simply restoring a glossy shine. Money saved on cabinet refinishing vs. replacement is better spent on new countertops or backsplashes! How much further your money goes when choosing cabinet refinishing!

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