Using Paint Additives to Enhance Your Home

“Paint Additives.” A technical painter’s term, but knowing what they are and how to use them will make your DIY paint project a lot easier and your communication with your professional painting contractor a lot clearer. Plus, a few types of additives are just fun. Believe it or not!

Additives are special products formulated to enhance specific properties in your paint to achieve a desired effect. There are additives to enhance the performance of the paint, and additives to enable the paint to meet a specific need or want in the end-product. They are also time-saving and cost-saving when it comes to the important prep work!

Read on for the wide variety of additives available and how they make your paint job easier.
Want a more professional appearance for your DIY painted walls? Add an extender for better paint flow and extended drying time, reducing the appearance of brush or roller marks. Formulated for both latex paints and oil-based coatings, consider Penetrol/Floetrol or X-I-M Paint Extender.

The additive Oil Bond gets you right to painting without all the sanding prep required by some jobs. Now projects like your kitchen cabinets or refurbishing projects can be painted directly saving you time and money.

Want to add texture to your walls or ceiling? Adding a granular additive, such as sand, creates a variety of textural surfaces to enhance your décor or to cover-up those little imperfections. Add glitter for sparkle on a bedroom ceiling or wall; or decorative flake or quartz for a beautiful bathroom floor.

Non-skid additives for floors give peace-of-mind for those slippery surfaces, such as decks, stairs, ramps or poolsides. Anti-Skid Additive from Sherwin Williams is composed of 100% ground walnut shells!

Have high-traffic areas in dire need of repainting often? There are paint additives to increase abrasion resistance and enhance the life of the paint. Nice to paint those stair risers and know it will last longer this time!

Maybe the next time you paint your kitchen, it’ll smell like vanilla beans! Or your bathroom like a spring rain! SCENTsations has a wide variety of scents to fit your mood.

Problems in the basement with mildew? Are your soffits and shaded exterior areas prone to mildew growth? A mildewcide helps retard mildew growth both inside and out saving you considerable time and money in the future.

Add an insecticide to latex or oil based coatings, such as stains, varnishes, and sealers, to help kill any crawling and flying insects exposed to the treated surfaces.

Though not all-inclusive, this list will get you thinking about your next project and the possibilities. Hopefully, it will help you to knock your next DIY project out-of-the-park! Or to talk-the-talk with your professional painting contractor.

The team at HD Painting & Stain understands the challenges of achieving a beautiful, functional, and lasting paint job. Please contact us to discuss your next project! We are constantly striving to be the best painter in Belleville, IL!

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